There are actually more than twenty reasons why creating an online business makes sense for you. However, I reduced it down to seven so that you would at least read the article! Here is the list:

1)    Time. When you work most traditional jobs or careers you are expected to work regular hours. If you are a night person it doesn’t matter; you need to be available during “work hours.” Online businesses are open 24/7/365 and because you can market worldwide your hours of work become less important. Once you get your business more automated the autoresponders and systems take the place of much of the repetitive work. You don’t need to work it full time. At first, you can work part-time and transition after you have created enough of a business to replace your regular income. Learn More

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2)    Job Security. Let’s be honest technology is taking the place of many jobs and not just stocking, packing and cashiering. Even several ‘mid-management’ roles will be replaced very soon by artificial intelligence. Positions like compensation and benefits managers, bookkeepers, telemarketers, proofreaders and market researchers are targets to be significantly reduced by artificial intelligence soon! Consider creating a more compelling future rather than fight to stay in that type of career. Build an online business, and you will never have to worry about being laid off, downsized or replaced by a computer. You can control your financial future! Don’t be replaced by a machine…use the machine to create a better life for yourself. Click to start your education, now!


3)    Skills and Education. As an entrepreneur, one of your many assets is your willingness to learn new skills. You can’t expect a different outcome without different efforts. The more skills you possess and learn the broader your knowledge base is and the better equipped you will be for business. If you start an online marketing business, this broad knowledge base will open the door to more opportunities. Listen to my mentor here!


4)    Leverage Yourself. With the advent of autoresponders, well-designed sales funnels and other software and plugins you ‘virtually’ can be in several places simultaneously. Once your systems are set up, your business is working 24 hours a day, even while you sleep! Think about that for a moment…who doesn’t want to wake up more wealthy than they went to bed? If you work several hours a day and market in all time zones your message can be seen across the world during prime working hours worldwide, creating more opportunities for you. Learn More


5)    Life with meaning. Once you get your business up and running, you can spend more time doing the things that really matter like helping your family and friends. At the end of your life, you will never wish you worked more but most likely that you lived a fuller life and experienced more. Why not set yourself up for the ultimate in success, make your life count, don’t just worry about the bills.  Isn’t it better to focus on how you can create a life surrounded by people you love and enjoy while being challenged and rewarded by your work?  Click to start your education, now!


6)    Dreaming again. So many people I know have given up their dreams because they have to “pay the mortgage, pay the car note, pay the….” The truth is that all that is just stuff. When you start to dream and envision your future, you can create a compelling one by combining your vision with actions. Working for a check or because it’s what you thought you should do when you were barely twenty years old may not be cutting it any longer. Change may be scary, but it also can be invigorating and spur growth in many areas. Don’t deny yourself your dreams…play full out; this isn’t a practice run of your life, this is it! Make it count! Dream Big! Listen to my mentor here!


7)    Becoming self-reliant. There is a certain amount of pride that comes with being independent. When you create your own success, no one can take the credit. Achievements lead to more confidence, which enables you to grow as a person and attract better quality people and opportunities into your life. Once you beat fear and laziness into submission and become self-reliant, the world can be yours!  Learn More


As I said earlier, I could have made this a much longer list but if these seven reasons don’t excite you than call 911 cause you might be dead already!


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