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Here’s What We’re All About

Your lifestyle, your rules. It is all about you creating the lifestyle of your dreams.

Welcome to Life Without A Boss. We are Kirsten & Mark Raccuia, affiliate marketers, digital marketers, and writers. We have spent our entire professional careers helping others become successful in one capacity or another and enjoy the process. We are passionate about what we do and are excited to help others learn how to create their own online business. We have been successful in our personal lives and careers, and now we are focusing on helping others to achieve a Life Without a Boss. The sad truth is that most people don’t enjoy what they do for a living, so they feel unfulfilled and never seem to have the time to spend with loved ones, traveling, or enjoying their lives.

In 2016, we began working with Stuart & Jay of The SFM to help like-minded people achieve success by showing them how to create a digital lifestyle that can provide them with the freedom to work from anywhere and earn while they learn. For many, a digital lifestyle can provide the ability to control their time and stop having to trade time for money. Whatever led you to our site, we are glad you visited. Please, check out our website further and see how we can help you and if you are interested in learning more, click, call or email us and let us know. We are ready to help!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help 1,000 people create their own online business by 2020! By choosing to create an online business, you can utilize your unique skills to create the freedom and lifestyle you desire.

Our Values

Happiness: Living a life of gratitude creates happiness for both of us. We are at our best when surrounded by good friends and family and traveling the world. Above all, we believe that our general outlook of happiness and always sharing a smile keeps life joyful.

Adventurous: We have always lived for our next adventure or experience and feel that has enriched our lives. We always plan the next adventure on the plane ride home from the last one.

Personal growth/Always Learning: We have both done extensive training in business, health, and life and it’s these lessons that have helped us to navigate through many of life’s circumstances. Never stop growing.

Honesty: We are honest and authentic. In a world full of sound bites, having someone you can trust is critical as well as refreshing.

Passionate: We are passionate about creating a life that includes abundance, wealth, travel, and loving and supportive relationships.

Strength: We know that sometimes life is challenging, but our strength comes from always being there for one another despite any situation. Together we are far better and can accomplish anything.

Kirsten has always been a traveler. Her lust for life and travel began as a wee one when her father, an intrepid adventurer, started taking her rock climbing and skiing at the ripe age of five.  He imparted to her the importance of discovery and to always color outside of the lines.

After graduating with an anthropology degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder, she thought that being an archeologist would feed her fire of inquisitiveness and boost her career. She volunteered at two digs, which frankly, she abhorred.  Turns out, no matter how stunning the scenery is in France or Greece, Kirsten simply isn’t a fan of sitting in a dirt pile with a small toothbrush and dusting away for hours under the sun. After five mind-numbing months of dusting, she continued with her solo travels with an unmatched wanderlust; hitchhiking through Italy, driving to Austria in a VW van with three strangers, marveling at the Gaudi in Spain, and eventually landing in London. It was at this point that she realized her first major life goal; “Do whatever it takes not to go home.”

That life goal has served her well throughout her years.  She’s taught English in Brazil and South Africa. Kirsten has flown on a microlight over Victoria Falls, cuddled with baby lions and pet rhinos in Zimbabwe.  Learned to surf and fed spider monkeys in Costa Rica, swam alongside whale sharks in Mexico and trudged through the Bwindi Impenetrable Jungle in Uganda searching for mountain gorillas.

However, after traversing the world for a bit, she decided to go home and find a job to fund more travels. That “real job” in real estate is where she met Mark. The only thing that Kirsten loved about her career in real estate was Mark. While attending an Anthony Robbins seminar, Tony instructed the audience to follow their passion and to take action now! At the next break, she quit and started a new job in the wholesale fashion industry. Two years later, they were married, and she created a wholesale clothing agency called The Feisty Kitten Showroom. She loved this new career path and nurtured a successful business for more than a decade. With both owning their own businesses, they had the flexibility to travel and did so as often as possible. Life was great, but she was missing something, the adventure of living abroad. So, after many years of travel and research, they decided to sell it all and move from the comfort of Chicago to small island in Malaysia called Penang.

Her new life in Penang has made traveling throughout South East Asia a breeze. Her latest adventures include shooting machine guns in Cambodia, filming as an extra on the hit TV show Indian Summers, starred in an episode of House Hunters International, and rappelling into the depths of the earth in a cave in Vietnam.

In her spare time, she is a fledgling cook, a writer, and a monkey whisperer, using her love of primates as an excuse to travel to more exotic lands. Living in Penang affords her the opportunity to watch “monkey tv” out her bedroom window.

Together Mark and Kirsten have traveled to 39 countries and have no intention of slowing down. She is International Living and International Living Australia’s Southeast Asia Correspondent writing about the inside scoop of all things in the region.

Growing up as the youngest of seven in an Italian family, Mark learned quickly to voice his opinion, stand up for himself and to focus on what’s important despite the chaos. He credits his mother’s nurturing side for his appreciation and empathy for all people and his father’s sheer will and determination to do whatever is necessary to get things done without complaining.

It was this drive and tenacity that led him into entrepreneurship when he started his first business at 13 years old. He attended college at Northeastern University in Boston graduating with a degree in Finance. It was in college that Mark started traveling and the bug never left him.

After graduation, he set out to become a floor trader at the world’s oldest Futures Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade. Several years into that hectic and stressful life it was time to find a career that fueled his passion for helping people, creating things and learning about how to serve others. He started a career in real estate and business brokerage and was a top producer in the industry for over 20 years. As a real estate broker, he learned how to develop homes and condos and took it upon himself to project manage several of his own and other’s developments.

For Mark, it wasn’t just about buying and selling real estate and businesses; it was the opportunity to change lives. He took the time to understand his clients’ needs and helped them find the ideal opportunity that would provide cash flow, growth, and the ability to become their own boss.

Shortly before his mother passed away from a long battle with cancer, she told him that he should follow his dreams. And he listened. Mark wanted to spend more time with his wife, Kirsten, and travel the world. Although he was passionate about real estate, his love for travel was greater, and he needed a change.

After moving to Penang, Malaysia late in 2013 they started another business in medical tourism. After several years of hard work, they realized that nothing had changed; they were still working long hours and unable to explore the world as they’d hoped.

In late 2016, they saw a video about creating an online business and the idea resonated with both Kirsten and Mark. It would allow them to work from anywhere as long as there was an internet connection. They were fast to learn the lessons of Stuart and Jay as well as the others at The SFMF. Mark realized that their ideal career opportunity had to be paired with an educational component because they both had limited technical skills. Mark wasn’t even on Facebook until 2017! Within a few short months and with the help of the SFM, Life Without A Boss is growing, and so are Kirsten and Mark.