Years ago, I went to college and what was so appealing about my alma mater, Northeastern University in Boston, was the ability to earn an income while learning. Unlike traditional universities, they offered a co-op program that provided students with two years of professional job training before graduation. My colleagues and I did far better at finding careers after having the exposure to professional work, unlike our counterparts who worked over the summer as lifeguards, nannies, food servers or seasonal workers. Those are all fine professions, but a 6-figure price tag that a university education commands is not necessary to get that type of work.
Flash forward to today and the skills needed in the new digital economy. You can still pay a massive amount to receive a university degree which may or may not yield you a job. At 51 years old, when I decided to embark on a new career, I had many choices to make. As I spent more than 20 years as a real estate broker, my skills were lacking on the technical front. To be competitive, I needed education. I could get an MBA, which would take two years of full-time study and require a minimum of $50,000 for an average MBA in the US. It could easily cost twice as much for a better university education and at Harvard, Wharton, NYU Stern, Columbia, or Stanford it could easily cost $200,000 plus cost of living, lost wages, etc.
I have done everything possible to have no debt other than mortgages on income generating properties, so the thought of depleting a chunk of my savings and going into debt for a university degree was too much of a risk for me. This situation left me in quite a quandary. I knew I wanted to learn how to utilize the internet to make a living and provide me the lifestyle and freedom to work from anywhere. To accomplish this, I needed an affordable and realistic solution.
I scoured the internet for options that would provide me an education as well as the opportunity to earn while learning, just as I had done as an undergraduate. What I found was the Six Figure Mentors, and my problem was solved. The SFM program is a combination of an educational program that teaches you how to be an affiliate marketer, an online business coach, and an online marketing and content writer, but they also offer you the opportunity to partner and resell their full line of educational and software products. They offer varying levels of education and support that comes with a price tag that starts at just $97 a month. They also offer programs that provide hours of one-on-one training and help with personalized branding. To further complement the education, the website provides days’ worth of on-demand online lessons as well as a responsive help desk. The cost of this program is less than an average MBA with significantly more personalized training.
I chose to get a higher level of education and partner up with them to market their proprietary products. All levels of education provide you access to their community of other like-minded entrepreneurs, which I believe is critical to succeeding in an online business. As you pay for higher levels of education, you receive semi-annual retreats to meet other students and the founders of the company. The focus of these retreats is to learn the latest technical advances while enjoying a 4-star hotel setting.
The company prides itself on trying to consistently be on the cutting edge of the ever-changing online marketing business. The founders Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek are extremely wealthy and prosperous from years of being top-notch affiliate salesmen, skills which I’m currently learning. The SFM education starts from the very beginning, so your age or technical ability are not a factor. Then it continues through to the latest cutting edge techniques to ensure you have all the tools necessary to succeed. The SFM has many students making a significant income online and who also dedicate time to help the newbies grow their businesses.
While I am relatively new to the SFM, I can see how the lessons I am now learning can help me earn a good living online. I have already learned the basics on how to market on YouTube, Google, Facebook, and Bing. I am confident that as my education advances my sales figures will follow. I am set to begin marketing this weekend so stay tuned for results. To find out more about the Six Figure Mentors and their free training click Here.