Faith. As today is Easter Sunday, I find this is a worthy subject regardless of a person’s religious beliefs. If you are one, who has read the bible you will recognize that the scriptures mention the power of faith and spoken words throughout the new and old testament. If you are not religious and the whole conversation rubs you wrong, I would ask you then to consider just about every successful person who has accomplished greatness and their attitude towards faith.

It seems that there are several universal beliefs about faith from thousands of years ago until today. While they may all not seem similar the end effect is, that whatever a person believes to be present in their life or absent, they are correct. Further, whatever you focus your thoughts on you move toward accomplishing or getting more of in your life.

According to motivational greats Anthony Robbins, Oprah, Aristotle and a few others here are a few tricks to propel yourself in the direction you want to travel. They are:
Be grateful. It is impossible to be fearful and grateful at the same time. Take just a few moments each morning, first thing in the morning to remind yourself of what you have in your life to be grateful for. You don’t need to create a long list just the top three and cement home your gratitude by explaining why. For instance, I am grateful for my health and what makes me grateful is that with my good health I have the stamina and drive to accomplish all I need to throughout the day and have the energy to be there for my friends and family. Repeat this process for all three of the items. For those of you that are battling extremely tough times or addiction issues, the things that you are grateful about don’t have to be large. At one point my cat was the number one thing I was thankful to have in my life. As you continue to do this daily, you will find more than three items but just stick to the three for the first few months.

Speak your desires out loud. If you want to lose weight make your goal specific and measurable, then say it out loud to yourself. I am excited about losing 15 pounds and how I will look and feel at XX pounds. Next, take a few moments to envision what life will be like once you have attained your outcome. See yourself at the weight you chose and imagine yourself lighter, happier and buying new clothes that highlight the new better body you will have. If your goal is huge break it into several smaller ones to keep you motivated, you can always adjust your goals as you achieve them.
Stop the negative self-talk. Every successful person will tell you that they developed a discipline to stop themselves from making negative statements about themselves aloud. No more should you utter phrases like, I am broke, I am never lucky, If only I were smarter, I am lacking…, etc. There is no reason to speak those or similar statements, just stop it NOW.

Start practicing positive talk. This is a great exercise to build faith in yourself. First thing in the morning after you have stated why you are grateful and after you have spoken your desires out loud, spend a minute or two stating what great things the day will bring, the things that you are looking forward to doing, seeing, and learning today. Do this for a week, and you will be amazed by the change in your attitude about your day when you wake up.
Change your language, change your life for the better. Practice not swearing for a whole week. Instead, use other words that are better descriptors of your situation. Instead of saying, “Why does this s— always happen to me? Try something like, this is certainly not what I wanted to occur, but we can get past this challenge. While this sounds silly, try it, and you will notice things and people changing, especially the way you react to being upset. You may find things that set you off are merely a challenge to be met with like running out of milk or sugar for your coffee, rather than a life sentence. You will notice how much nicer people appear to be getting after two weeks of this practice.

While I can attest that this list seems like a lot to take on, I can assure you that the benefits you will attain for the 10 minutes these exercises take a day will more than be worth it. If you have taken these steps in earnest and I am wrong you can have all your misery back, no questions asked. If I am correct, please pass it on.


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