Life Without A Boss has partnered with the SFM Team to help people who are new in digital marketing create their own business, and for the more experienced marketer, SFM’s training can catapult them to the next level. The training consists of an array of videos, live conference calls, and other resources combined with a community of other marketers for support and guidance. The SFM team, training, and community are all valuable to aspiring entrepreneurs who are running their business from anywhere in the world with the SFM’s digital business system.

Step 1- Education

The SFM training/mentorship program makes it easier than ever before to start or grow an online business. The education modules are self-paced, hands-on and manageable, making learning easier with clearly defined action plans. In addition to the modules, you will get support from our friendly members across the globe as well as SFM’s business system specialists. This combination will provide you with the momentum to begin earning revenue online as quickly as possible. Throughout your mentorship, you’ll get the education, guidance, and tools to elevate your mindset and online business to the next level. Throughout this process, you will have access to us as a resource and support.

Step 2- Generating Revenue – Earn While You Learn!*

No sales required. One of the best benefits of working with the SFM digital business system is that it is a complete system. So, if you aren’t ready to market your own products just yet, you can learn to market SFM’s products and services which provide high commissions. The system includes a team of dedicated sales professionals who will work with your leads and convert them to sales on your behalf. For many new digital marketers, this takes away the fear of having to sell because SFM does it for you. For every lead that converts to a sale, you are paid a commission as much as 50%! Commissions can range between $100 – $8,000 per sale*. After going through the training modules and learning how to market online, you will be able to begin marketing SFM’s products and their partners’ products. You will also be prepared to market just about any product you wish after completing the modules. *Individual results will vary. We cannot guarantee any results – Please read our Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.


* We practice integrity in all that we do so we want you to know exactly where you stand. What sets us apart from other online business opportunities is our world class systems and methods. INDIVIDUAL RESULTS WILL VARY SIGNIFICANTLY! All the products and services we provide are for educational and informational purposes only and as such no results are guaranteed. While our member testimonials are accurate and verifiable, this does not mean you will achieve the same results. There are some who will not earn any money with our program because individual results will depend on your ability to follow directions, determination, and efforts.