There’s a video I came across the other day about learning that I found amazing. As you know when you take on any new hobby, career or sport there is a learning curve. This learning curve can be frustrating especially if you have no idea how long it will take to create some core competency in a newly developed skill.


The video below was created by an amazing author named Josh Kaufman. He is an author of two international bestsellers, The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business and The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything…Fast! The video details out how to learn anything in 20 hours and Josh shows off how he utilized what he describes by showing you a great example of his 20 hours of work.
If you’re looking to learn anything with the goal of achieving your best self, then I highly recommend you have a listen to this guy. He will also give you hope that you will be able to play that new instrument, learn that new skill or start that new job and not feel overwhelmed by the time you will need to put into learning!
Watching this video has inspired me to take on some other projects that I thought would overwhelm me and has re-energized me and my zest for learning.
He illustrates how to learn a new skill to the point of competency in just 20 hours, heck we have all wasted that much time watching TV or surfing the net in the last month alone.
I wanted to share this video with you in the hopes of it impacting you the same way it did with me.
I’d love for you to watch the video below…