Have you ever felt stuck and powerless when it comes to taking a holiday or leave from work? Has your boss made you feel bad when you took a sick day?

Several years ago, my mother got breast cancer. At the time, I lived in Chicago, and my parents lived in Connecticut. I was self-employed as a commercial real estate and business broker.  My workload at the time was so heavy I was unable to spend much quality time with my Mom. Sadly, cancer spread quickly, and from the time she was diagnosed until she left us, it was only four months.

After she passed and the reality set in, I realized that I put my commitment to my clients ahead of those last precious moments and conversations. It was only a few months later that Kirsten and I decided to sell our businesses and re-invent ourselves. We decided to create a lifestyle that would enable us to potentially make significant money without being tied down to an office or any one destination.

I needed to find an opportunity that would allow me to explore more of life. It wasn’t much later that I saw an ad about the Six Figure Mentors. Despite my technical shortcomings, I quickly realized working with the SFM, that they could re-train me to take part in a USD 2 Trillion market that is growing every year!

I began last year, and there was a learning curve as there is with any new career. The education was straightforward and because most of it is taped, I could re-watch the areas that I didn’t understand at my convenience.

Just last week my, I transferred my site to another provider and had many issues. The person I hired to help with the transfer did his job but couldn’t help with the site that which was mostly closed for business. That is when the community stepped up and helped me. I am proud to say with their support, my wife and I rebuilt the site and got it working properly. A year ago, I couldn’t have even considered doing what I did over the last few days.

Now that our business is up and running we are looking forward to a busy travel schedule this year. We already have trips planned for Myanmar, Thailand, Australia and the US. One thing is clear that without this proven step by step education I would not be able to travel like I am now!

We witness so many families struggle to spend time with their friends and loved ones because of their jobs. I just want to let you know that even if you are older and not a techie you can change your lifestyle and start creating your own freedom. You can build your own business and create a life without a boss. I know it may seem scary at first, but you can start part-time and then go full time once you get the systems down and are earning enough to replace your current income.

I began this time last year by signing up for a free month of a risk-free education. Trust me, if I can do this, you can. It is not a get rich scheme. To be successful, you have to be willing to work and be open to learning, but the lessons aren’t like when we were kids. No boring teacher is droning on about theories that you will never use; it’s all practical knowledge. The education is all taught by instructors who have all made six figures themselves online. They show you the tools and techniques that you need to succeed in today’s digital business environment.

Don’t let another year go by of feeling unfulfilled by work or having to beg for time off to see your children’s school events or enjoy a vacation.

I hope you have the power, courage, and belief in yourself to take-action, here and now!